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Introduction Wassup to all the rap and hip hop listeners out there. This page will contain most of the latest artists in the music industry. This page is updated weekly, so you might want to come back and check it out every now and then. These files are in Realaudio G2 format, so if you dont have realplayer you might want to go get it at

Voting Please vote for my page so I will get more hits. But if not, ok. At least sign the guestbook or send me an email on what you think about the page. Thanks, KB

Requests / Suggestions If there is an album that you would like to be posted on this page for your listening pleasure or you have some ideas on how to make the page better, put your request in my guestbook or email me at

Updates I will do my best to update this page as frequently as possible, as long as someone doesnt come along and hack my page. It will be updated on a weekly basis so just come back every few days and see whats new.

Jigga World